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Online life insurance Medical Exam
After submitting an application for a lifetime ins policy, you might be requested to undergo a medical exam. Usually, in case you`re below the age of 40 and submitting an application for lives insurance benefits of under $100,000, you almost certainly will not have to undergo a medical examination. nevertheless, the older you are, the less life coverage you may purchase without a medical exam. Naturally, these amounts are also influenced by your health records as well as the underwriting rules of the insurance firm you select.

A usual medical exam might incorporate a basic bodily checkup, blood test, and urine tests. A number of insurance companies also demand EKGs and/or treadmill EKGs (stress tests), especially when buying large lifetime ins policies. You`ll also be asked to give information regarding your medical past, including the names of physicians you have visited, dates you visited them, plus any treatment prescribed. A nurse or doctor ( usually an independent service provider) who is paid by the insurance corporation will usually conduct the exam.

If you suffer from a physical problem, there is actually not much you could do to hide it. Actually, you shouldn`t even attempt to. Insurance corporations can obtain an astonishing amount of medical records, so even if you attempt to hide the facts, there is a high probability an insurance company will get the data it needs. In addition, when the on line life ins company reveals you have not provided the information, it`ll examine your case a great deal more strictly. And if you passed away as a consequence of the illness, your insurance firm may choose not to pay your death benefit.

There are several easy steps you may use to make sure you receive the most favorable results at your medical exam intended for lifetime online insurance:

Go to bed early the night prior the examination.
Don`t eat or drink for eight hours before the exam if you are able in order to ensure the most accurate results.
Don`t have a cigarette for a minimum of one hour prior the examination.
Avoid caffeine for a minimum of 1 hour prior the examination.
Do not consume alcohol for at least 8 hours prior the examination.
Don`t perform strenuous work outs for 24 hours before the examination.
Reduce your intake of salt and cholesterol for 24 hours prior the exam.
Cancel the exam if you become ill - even a minor illness can damage the results.

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