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Life ins Guidebook

life ins investigation and the resultant evaluation of the insurance peril is called `underwriting`. The candidate is asked a number of questions concerning health and lifestyle, the answers to which are painstakingly documented. Specific answers provided by the individual who is to be insured will be under more in-depth investigation. on line life ins establishments within the U.S. maintain the MIB (Medical Information Bureau), which functions as a central repository that provides medical information about the physical condition of all prior applicants for insurance. As part of the application, the insurance provider requests the applicant`s consent to record information from the potential insured`s physicians.

life coverage online organizations are never under any legal stipulation to underwrite or to provide coverage on any person. The insurance providers are the only ones who determine insurability, and some individuals, because of their personal health or lifestyle, do not qualify for insurance. The insurance contract may be declined (rejected) or rated. Rating translates to increasing the premiums in order to factor in extra risks applicable to that particular individual who is insured.

Several insurance providers utilize 4 broad medical-status categories for persons being assessed for a life ins policy. These classes are `Preferred Best`, `Preferred`, `Standard`, and `Tobacco`. Preferred Best denotes that the proposed insured has no record of any medical complications, is not under medication for any condition and this individual`s family (the nuclear family and close family - i.e., parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins) has never had a medical history of diabetes, early cancer, or other life-threatening illnesses. Preferred is similar to Preferred Best, but it allows that the potential insured is, at the time of evaluation, taking medical treatment for such a condition and is also allowed to have a limited degree of medical history in the family. The majority of people belong to the `Standard` group. Profession, travel frequency, and way of life are also decisive factors in not just which classification the potential insured individual falls into, but impacts, in addition, whether the potential insured individual might be denied a policy.

Upon the death of the insured, the insurance company will need satisfactory corroboration of death, prior to settling the claim. The standard minimum proof includes a death certificate signed by the attending physician and the insurance company`s claim form, with all the particulars filled in, signed, and often notarized. If the insured individual`s death was doubtful and if the life coverage online amount warrants it, the insurance company might probe the circumstances related to the death, prior to determining whether it has any legal obligation to disburse the insurance claim. The death benefit is remitted, as a lump sum or as an annuity through a duration of time, in payouts extending to the life of the individual who is the beneficiary or for a specified term.

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